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In the final issue of the series, Marla and Zahira must figure out how to regain control of Aminah from Saito before she's forever lost.

The Penultimate Issue!

Saito reactivated Aminah, but Marla suspects something is off.

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In the wake of Aminah's sudden death, emotions run high, and an unexpected twist.

Delegates' most intense issue arrives

Marla, Victoria, and Saito race to save Aminah from complete destruction.

Issue 26 out now

Saito and Victoria butt heads over control of the Delegates program. Aminah and Marla go to the mines to control Mugisa, but their actions lead to deadly consequences. 

The start of the final chapter

The aftermath of Aminah’s election victory includes a short-lived celebration as Inez’ journalism about Aminah’s truth pays off.

Election Day is Here in Issue 24!

Aminah and Osi go head-to-head in the climactic presidential debate. 

The heat is on in Issue 23!

Lives and morality are in jeopardy as Osi and Aminah tussle each other to free a town from dueling warlords.

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The Election Approaches in Issue 22!

As Fulawodaabe prepares for their most important election in history, the presidential candidates travel to the town of Isura to deal with not one but two violent warlords.

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New Issue Out Now: Issue 21!

While Osi's leadership begins to crack, Aminah and Marla try to figure out a peaceful way to regain control of power.

Arc 4 continues with Issue 20

Aminah confronts Osi’s detention of her ally, Warlord Tau. Inez confronts Victoria with her sleuthing about the Delegates program.

Arc 4 Starts Now!

Before returning home, our heroes take a quick detour to Pnyx HQ to learn of Eri's fate. Meanwhile, signs point to an unwelcome return to Fulawodaabe for Aminah.

Arc 3 Goes Globetrotting

Our heroes split up to handle new trouble in Central America and Southeast Asia, while some stay home to continue their campaign to take down the dictator.

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Office Ninja

After losing his dream promotion to a rival co-worker, Tomas vows to restore his honor by following the ways of the ninja and getting vengeance against his nemesis.

The award-winning comedy feature film stars Jade Carter, Jose Rosete, Francois Chau, Robb Padgett, Jessica Mills, Todd Johnson, Brian Takahashi, and featuring Bill Ratner. Written and directed by Bin Lee. Produced by Allison Vanore.

Available on Amazon and DVD


Bin Lee is a software engineer in Pasadena, California, USA, formerly land of the Tongva. In his free time, he gets artsy. Best known for writing/directing the feature film, Office Ninja, his other past projects include movies, web series, video editing, and podcasts. He’s currently working on comic books and designing board games.