Volume 1 Kickstarter

We're pleased to join Artithmeric on launching a kickstarter for Volume 1 in a Artithmeric special edition graphic novel! The campaign will also help us create a French translated version!


Arc 3 Concludes!

Marla and Zahira protect Eri as the crowd turns on her. Osi makes his presence known after retaking Fulawodaabe.

Issue 17

Marla rejoins the team as Eri aims to make Sulunesia the shining example of Delegates success. Meanwhile, Osi infiltrates the capital of Fulawodaabe.

Delegates #16

Marla and Aminah head to the Asian nation of Sulunesia to meet another Delegate, Eri Song.

Third Arc Begins!

Our heroes are forced to detour from their main mission to visit a new Delegate in central America. There, they meet a coffee farmer caught in the crossfire between his government and the cartel.

Issue #14

Marla and Aminah try to find a peaceful solution to Maynor's cartel problem. Meanwhile, Osi finds an unexpected ally while continuing Aminah's mission in Fulaowodaabe.

Delegates #15

Osi and Tau's uneasy alliance continues. Meanwhile, Marla and Zahira find Gerardo's fields ablaze. Can they save his farm in time?

Delegates Volume 2 Out Now!

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Read all 12 issues, containing arcs 1 & 2, digitally or in print!

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Catch up on Arc 1 of Delegates!

You can now read issues 1-through-6 in one sitting with "Delegates Volume 1", including bonus sketches and introduction from the authors Bin Lee and Tina Cesa Ward.

Now available digitally at comiXology & comiXology Unlimited or in print at Artithmeric!

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Office Ninja

After losing his dream promotion to a rival co-worker, Tomas vows to restore his honor by following the ways of the ninja and getting vengeance against his nemesis.

The award-winning comedy feature film stars Jade Carter, Jose Rosete, Francois Chau, Robb Padgett, Jessica Mills, Todd Johnson, Brian Takahashi, and featuring Bill Ratner. Written and directed by Bin Lee. Produced by Allison Vanore.

Available on Amazon and DVD


Bin Lee is a software engineer in Pasadena, California, USA, formerly land of the Tongva. In his free time, he gets artsy. Best known for writing/directing the feature film, Office Ninja, his other past projects include movies, web series, video editing, and podcasts. He’s currently working on comic books and designing board games.