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Issue #9 Out Now!

With their options diminishing, Aminah reaches out to Warlord Tau, against her confidants' objections. Will this risky gamble payoff or punish our heroes further?

Find out in issue 9 on comiXology and comiXology Unlimited!

Start of a New Chapter!

The 2nd arc of Delegates kicks off with twists and turns! We also introduce a new art team of Kendal Gates, Rebecca Harris, and Heather Breckel. Taylor Esposito returns for lettering. Catch it now on comiXology & comiXology Unlimited!

Issue 8 to be released May/June 2019!

Tensions Heat Up

Tensions heat up, as Aminah wants to move forward, but Saito pulls her back in an effort to preserve her. Marla tries to figure out if she can trust Zahira, adding more powder to the keg.

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Catch up on Chapter 1 of Delegates!

You can now read issues 1-through-6 in one sitting with "Delegates Volume 1", including bonus sketches and introduction from the authors Bin Lee and Tina Cesa Ward.

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"Delegates" Issues 1-8 now on comiXology Unlimited!

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Office Ninja

After losing his dream promotion to a rival co-worker, Tomas vows to restore his honor by following the ways of the ninja and getting vengeance against his nemesis.

The award-winning comedy feature film stars Jade Carter, Jose Rosete, Francois Chau, Robb Padgett, Jessica Mills, Todd Johnson, Brian Takahashi, and featuring Bill Ratner. Written and directed by Bin Lee. Produced by Allison Vanore.

Available on Amazon and DVD


Bin Lee is a software engineer in Pasadena. In his free time, he gets artsy. Previous projects include writing/directing movies and webseries, hosting a podcast, editing for webseries and non-profits.

His current project is co-creating a 30-issue sci-fi comic book series with award-winning Tina Cesa Ward. Also in development: an alchemy-themed board game.

His non-artsy extracurriculars includes volunteering for the Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition.